Training Info
Important Info: Training Participants
Important Note 1 All our in-class training sessions hold at the above address. If you requested mobile training service, the training will hold at the location that you chose. If mobile training is requested, you are expected to confirm through email the location where the training will hold.
Important Note 2 Personal Pocket Mask Pocket mask is a barrier used during the practice skill sessions to give breaths to the Manikin. There are 3 options regarding pocket mask in the course:

  1. Option 1Bring your own Pocket Mask – There is no additional charge attached to this option.
  2. Option 2Use our Practice/Demo Mask – There is an additional $5.50 for this option. The additional cost is for the one-way valve used with it. After the course, the pocket mask is returned to us while the valve is discarded, usually.
  3. Option 3Get a Brand New Pocket Mask from us – There is an additional $15.50 cost for this option. After the course, the student retains ownership of the mask.
Thus, the participants who opt for either option 2 or option 3 will have to pay the course fee plus the additional cost as mentioned above. The Course fees are listed on our website – There is 5% GST applicable.
Important Note 3 Confirming Your Email Address – It is important that you confirm receipt of the email that was sent to immediately after submitting the online registration by replying to it. This is the only way to prove that the email you indicated on the online registration is correct. Email address correctness is required since you will receive your certificate (eCard) through email by default. If you got this message then it means that your email address is ok but you have to let us know by replying to it.